Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto

Full Service Clinic in CF Shops at Don Mills to treat your orthopedic conditions & injuries in Toronto

Physiotherapy clinic in TorontoHaving difficulty getting around? Injuries, surgery, or just muscle imbalance and weakness causing you back & neck pain. All this can keep you from performing at your best. At Physiomobility, our approach is both for prevention and rehabilitation.

Take a quick look at what we offer in our Physiomobility Don Mills multidisciplinary clinic.

We’ll create a personalized mobility plan to help you achieve top physical form, whatever your age or activity level. Our therapists use advanced training and skills to assess and treat you with state-of-the-art equipment and evidence-based techniques to ensure ultimate healing.

We’ll get you back to your favorite activities. We offer a full line-up of treatments that are rarely found in physiotherapy clinics in Ontario all in one place. Here’s a summary of our most sought-after therapies.

If you need orthopedic physiotherapy in Toronto, come to Physiomobility. Our location is easy to access, and our healthcare experts will provide you with professional, caring service. Don’t just suffer through your pain. Let us use our state-of-the-art facilities to improve your quality of life today.

We have a broad variety of very high-quality services, and we offer personalized treatment plans for all of our patients. We will do everything we can to improve your quality of life and save you money on medical expenses. If you’d like to heal more quickly and spend less time with the doctor, physiotherapy is the answer.

For more than ten years, our physiotherapists and massage therapists have proudly served the North York community.

Our office is located close to the intersection of Don Mills & Lawrence, in the office/medical building in Shops at Don Mills with easy access and ample free parking.

In addition to the passion and commitment of our physiotherapy team, Physiomobility offers the interdisciplinary treatment approach that leads to measurable results.

We use state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable setting that supports the healing process. Our approach is driven by the results we achieve, and the treatments we apply are based on the latest scientific research.

This has established Physiomobility’s reputation among patients and other medical service providers. You can restore function and establish a lasting foundation of health through the use of high-quality physiotherapy services.

Our modern physiotherapy clinic in North York features close to 2400 Sqf of bright and well-equipped gym area and private treatment rooms. We provide a range of services such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, personal training, orthotics, compression stocking, and foot care. Our clinic provides highly specialized physiotherapy services such as pelvic floor physiotherapy, physiotherapy for dizziness and vertigo, TMJ pain as well as clinical pilates, all by certified and well-trained physiotherapists.

We treat many orthopedic conditions and have physiotherapists with a high level of training in manual therapy with certification in Mckenzie, Pain Management, Pelvic health & vestibular rehabilitation. Our neurological rehabilitation program is delivered by a physiotherapist certified in NDT. We provide high-quality treatments for neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Parkinson’s, head injuries, and many balance related impairments.

We speak your language

Our staff speaks many languages in addition to English. We speak Persian (Farsi), Italian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindu, and Armenian.

We are here to help you and your family.

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Physiomobility – Don Mills, Toronto 
6 Maginn Mews, Suite 211
Toronto, ON M3C 0G9

Phone: (416) 444-4800
Fax: (416) 444-4811
Email: donmills@physiomobility.ca




Physiomobility continues to remain open and is not part of the lockdown. We continue to have rigorous disinfection policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our community and are open for patient in-person visits with all of our practitioners.

Virtual appointments are available and encouraged for those who are at a heightened risk of illness.

We remain focused on our quality of care & our continued commitment to helping our patients feel their best. For further assistance, you can contact us at 416-444-4800 during our opening hours. 

The Physiomobility Team