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GLA:D™ Canada Program in CF Shops at Don Mills

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GLA:D™ Canada is an exercise and education program for all individuals who experience any severity of hip and/or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. In Canada, hip and knee osteoarthritis is prevalent in men & women 60 years of age and older, however, many people in their 30s & 40s experience joint arthritic changes and pain. This program is provided by Canadian healthcare providers such as physiotherapists who have completed GLA:D™ Canada’s training.

The cost of the program may be covered by private and work insurance as physiotherapy.



What is GLA:D program?

GLA:D™ Canada in Ontario is funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation and is licensed by and currently implements GLA:D® program which is a standardized education and exercise program developed in Denmark. GLA:D® program is gradually being implemented in many countries such as Australia. GLA:D® program includes strengthening and correcting daily movement patterns. The program is aimed to train participants to move their bodies properly to prevent the progression of symptoms and to reduce pain. A 32% reduction of progression of osteoarthritis symptoms has shown by research conducted by GLA:D® program in Denmark. Research also showed a reduction in pain intensity and severity resulting in reduced use of pain killers and decreased number of people on sick leave. Satisfaction levels and increased physical activity levels reported by participants remained high even after 12 months after participating in the program.

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GLA:D™ Canada Program offered at Physiomobility Don Mills

Physiomobility Health Group is partnered with GLA:D™ Canada program to provide this evidence-based program in North York and collect clinical data for the national registry. GLA:D® evidence-based active program is only offered to participants suffering from knee and/or hip osteoarthritis. The program has been designed to keep the cost to a minimum through small group participation for 12 sessions over 6 weeks and includes two educational sessions.

The cost of the program may be covered by private and work insurance as physiotherapy.


Who is eligible to participate in GLA:D™ Canada program offered at Physiomobility Don Mills

The GLA:D™ Canada program offered in Physiomobility is open to clients of all ages who meet the criteria set by GLA:D™ Canada and GLA:D® in terms of clinical symptoms. At Physiomobility Don Mills, the program is offered on one on one basis or small group of a maximum of 4 participants.

GLA:D™ program offered at Physiomobility can be covered by private or employee insurance plans when there is coverage for physiotherapy. Individual sessions for the program are also available for participants who can not attend our small group sessions at a higher fee rate. To participate in GLA:D™ Canada program offered by Physiomobility, a referral from your medical doctor is not necessary but is encouraged. Your primary care practitioner will be informed of your progress at your request.

Any person who has experienced knee or hip joint problems for which had to visit a healthcare provider qualifies to be included in the program. Clinical data and outcomes collected through the program will be submitted to GLA:D® Canada to be included in the national registry for research purposes and further development of evidence-based programs for managing knee and hip osteoarthritis.

GLA:D® program is not suitable for people with the following reasons for their pain:

      1. Non-arthritic joint conditions such as tumors, fractures, Rheumatoid inflammatory conditions
      2. Patients with widespread pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia whose general and muscular pain symptoms are more pronounced than the pain related to osteoarthritis

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GLA:D® 12 session program consists of:

  • An initial session focused on physical assessment, educating the participant on the program, and collecting data on participants’ current functional ability.
  • 12 sessions of exercise circuit as twice weekly and two education sessions which teach participants about OA, including the degeneration process in the joint, how the GLA:D™ Canada exercises improve joint stability, and how to retain this improved joint stability through day to day self-management techniques. Due to the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational component of the program is currently offered on line.

For more information on GLA:D™ Canada program visit http://gladcanada.ca/ and contact our North York physiotherapy clinic to register for the program or to start your one-on-one training session.

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Is GLA:D program offered at Physiomobility covered by insurance?

GLA:D program offered at Physiomobility is run by a GLA:D certified registered physiotherapist and an exercise therapist. If you have coverage through your work or private insurance for physiotherapy, this program may be covered.

Please contact our clinic for eligibility criteria.

GLA:D program is not covered by WSIB & MVA.

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