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ChiropodyFootcare is the treatment of common foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, calluses, warts, ingrown toe nails, and diabetic foot. The practice of Chiropody is the assessment of the foot and legs including the biomechanical relationship between the lower legs and spine. Chiropody treatment may include prescribing medication, surgical methods, hands on treatments and the use of modalities such as Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) and Ultrasound.



Read through this page to find answers to your questions about Chiropody & Footcare:

What is Chiropody?

Chiropodists commonly treat foot and ankle pain conditions caused by biomechanical misalignment and repetitive strains or injuries. In addition to requiring an assessment for the need of corrective appliances such as Orthotics, patients visit chiropodists for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. A Chiropodist uses hands-on treatment and exercise to treat these conditions.

At Physiomobility clinic, we put your health in the hands of professionals, each with proper training and experience in their field. When it comes to your foot health, this is no exception. Whether it is a sore callus, an ingrown toenail or a more complicated foot biomechanical condition, we have the right professional for you.

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Does a Chiropodist provide footcare?

Physiomobility’s Chiropodist provides care to a wide range of patients and works closely with the rest of your care team. In many cases, our physiotherapists, chiropractors or massage therapists may advise you to consult with our chiropodist to assess the biomechanical performance of your feet. Our Chiropodist is also an important part of our team providing care for our diabetic patients, providing preventative measures for diabetic foot and in cases when a wound exists, providing treatment for the patient.

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Does a Chiropodist prescribe Orthotics & Orthopaedic shoes?

A Chiropodist is highly trained in evaluating the need for orthotics and other corrective devices as well as orthopaedic shoes for sports and arthritis. In fact, many insurance providers cover the cost of orthotics and orthopaedic shoes only if the prescription is provided by a Chiropodist.

The foot specialist/Chiropodist at Physiomobility uses a 3D computer scanner to confirm the findings of her biomechanical foot and leg assessment. This 3D scanned file is then sent to the laboratory with specific instructions from the Chiropodist as what material to be used and what specifications is required to create a custom made orthotic device for the client. After the device is ready, the Chiropodist ensures proper fitting of the orthotics and also provides our client with education as how to break in the device and provides any modifications that are necessary.

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Is a Chiropodist the same as a Podiatrist?

Having two titles for the same profession may be confusing. In the province of Ontario, there is no real difference in the scope of practice of a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist. Podiatrists and Chiropodists are both regulated healthcare professionals who can prescribe and dispense orthotics and orthopaedic shoes, they both can also treat foot care problems such as fungal or ingrown toenails and many other foot problems. Both Chiropodists and Podiatrists can prescribe medication and perform small operations.

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What conditions are treated by a chiropodist?

  • Foot Overpronation (Flat feet) usually managed by prescription of custom made orthotics or footwear
  • Plantar Fasciitis usually treated with a combination of hands-on treatments, Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) and orthotic fitting if needed
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Hammer Toe
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Bunions
  • Sports-related foot and ankle injuries
  • An ingrown toenail usually requires surgical treatment
  • Callus, warts

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Does a Chiropodist treat Diabetic foot?

About 5.9% of Americans have diabetes. Canadian stats are not much lower than the US. About 60-70 % of the patients with diabetes are affected by nerve damage that affects their feet and hands. This condition is called Diabetic Neuropathic Pain (DNP).

Diabetes can also be associated with reduced blood flow to the extremities (toes and fingers) and combined with reduced sensory from the nerve damage, diabetic patients are more prone to have wounds that may not heal well and may face severe consequences including amputation.
Monitoring feet for small wounds related to wearing tight shoes, hitting objects, ingrown nails, etc is extremely important.
Chiropodists are specially trained to treat foot conditions, manage infection and improve the blood flow of the diabetic foot.

For more information on self care for diabetic foot, visit our blog post written by our Chiropodist, Amanda Birch.

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What is a medical pedicure?

Medical pedicure is the same as footcare. Many of our more senior clients or clients with mobility issues have difficulty maintaining the foot health such as cutting nails, cleaning calluses. Nail and footcare is specifically important in patients with diabetic foot. Clients typically visit our chiropodist for medical pedicure as once every 4-6 weeks.

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Is medical pedicure covered by my private insurance?

Medical pedicure is the lay term for chiropody footcare. Since the treatment is a medical necessity to prevent ingrown nail and infections and is performed by a Chiropodist, the treatment is covered by third party insurance providers when the coverage for Chiropody or Podiatry is available. We recommend our clients to contact their insurance provider prior to booking appointments.

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How often do I need chiropody or footcare appointments?

Typically, conditions such as surgical treatment of ingrown toenail or calluses, treatment sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks. Orthotic assessments are typically once a year and occasionally once every two years.

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Is Chiropody or footcare covered by Insurance?

It depends on your health insurance plan. If you have coverage for chiropody or podiatry, your treatments by Physiomobility’s Chiropodist will likely be covered. We encourage our clients to contact their insurance provider and inquire about the coverage. Our chiropody services are not covered by OHIP. Our clients aged over 65 enjoy a special discount.

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George Theofanidis
George Theofanidis
We would like to thank Melissa Tan for all the great work and dedication she gave our son George T for recovering from his concussion
Umair Ali
Umair Ali
Cristen was absolutely amazing. I aim to book another session right away.
i should have done this months and from the very first time i met Roanne. she is an amazing massage therapist, great personality and super strong (super cyan). she does what u requests from her re:massage with a smile. she always asks how you feel in between and after massages, which i think is so professional and deep care for clients - ensuring she delivered a quality of massage a clients is looking for. Kudos to you!!!
Moayad Malik
Moayad Malik
Kanako is a great physio who provides quality care and works around your schedule to provide top quality care. Doing mobile physiotherapy is great for fitting into your schedule and kanako is super knowledgeable and creates highly individualized treatment plans to help you take back control of your health.
Diana Velez
Diana Velez
Thank you Kanako for relieving me from my back pain and ongoing shoulder injury. Physiotherapy really has made a difference, along with deep massage tissue with Colleen I can finally be able to achieve my day to day activities with less pain. Shoulder injuries are a long recovery, the support and advice from the staff members are incredibly helpful. I have recommended this clinic to my friends and work colleagues who are looking for excellent customer service and professionalism.
Ethel Macatangay
Ethel Macatangay
Michaela is our physiotherapist. She is very attentive, knowledgable, and is getting my 81 year old Father back to his baseline mobility level. She motivates my Father. He will be stable and walking again in no time! Thank you Michaela!
Pat Vafiades
Pat Vafiades
Excellent first physiotherapy assessment and treatment for my head and neck tension and pain. On time, very thorough, explained everything as we went along. Thanks to Melissa!

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