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At Home Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Fitness Services in Toronto

In-home physiotherapy-TorontoIn-home physiotherapy is for people who may have difficulty accessing care in community clinics due to mobility issues, recent surgery or accident, pain or disease. Learn more about Physiotherapy at home, a service that bridges the gap between hospital & in-clinic care.



Common conditions treated at home are:


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How does physiotherapy at home work?

What is physiotherapy at home?

Can you do physiotherapy at home for seniors?

How long do I need Physiotherapy at home?

Is physiotherapy at home covered by Insurance?

Is physiotherapy at home covered by OHIP?

Fall Prevention & Home Safety Assessment and Modifications

How Does Physiotherapy At Home Work?

In home health care services offer convenience that enhances one’s well being, removes the stress of leaving the office for the busy individual and improves early access to care while waiting for appointments. Our aim is to provide high quality professional, cost-effective, easily accessible, goal-oriented and client-centered physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness program across Don Mills, York Mills, east and north GTA.

In-home physiotherapy services help patients address injuries, illness, chronic pain, and other common musculoskeletal dysfunctions and to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of our patients including seniors.

Accessing homecare services at Physiomobility is easy:

  • Call or write to us to book an appointment
  • Your designated physiotherapist will contact you to arrange for your first visit which will include assessment and treatment
  • You and your physiotherapist decide on a treatment plan that will help you to reach your goals
  • Your designated physiotherapist will come to your residence or office to provide treatment
  • When you are ready to resume or continue your treatments in a clinical setting, we will communicate your treatment plan with the provider in your clinic of choice

One-on-one physiotherapy and exercise therapy may be one of the best options for many patients in need of rehabilitation. Understanding the benefits of in-home health care services is the first step in determining the best options for treating health issues and achieving lasting relief.

What is Physiotherapy at Home?

Physiomobility offers customized treatment plans that are based on the comprehensive assessments we provide. We identify the root causes of pain or dysfunction and develop a treatment program that provides maximum relief in the shortest amount of time.

In-home health care services are used to treat individuals of all ages. It’s an ideal choice for people who have difficulty moving around or are traveling to another location. In addition, patients receiving in-home care have access to the medical equipment and treatment protocols that they would receive at our clinic.

In-home care services include the same multidisciplinary treatments that deliver results to our clinic patients. These include manual therapy, acupuncture, and corrective exercises and stretches, among many others.

Physiotherapy at home for seniors

  • In-home Physiotherapy helps our seniors to stay mobile, active and independent
  • One-on-one treatment in a familiar environment leads to higher rates of recovery after surgery, stroke, and illness
  • In-home services eliminate the hassle of travel time, wait time, and uncooperative weather
  • Falls prevention and safety assessment minimizes the injury rate

How Long Do I Need Physiotherapy At Home?

The benefits provided by in-home health care services include the prevention of injuries related to falls, increased safety, and comfort in the home environment, and post-surgery care. The goal is to treat patients at the comfort of their home as long as it is necessary. Patient care will be transferred to clinic settings if needed.

Using a customized treatment plan, your physiotherapist can help you improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular health, and functional performance. In-home treatments allow your physiotherapist to closely monitor your progress to ensure that your treatment plan moves you further towards your health goals.

For patients who have undergone hip or knee surgeries, in-home care reduces the burden placed on the patient when having to travel to treatment clinics. The home environment can be assessed and modified to further improve accessibility and safety. Family members and other caregivers use our in-home services to learn how to better care for their loved ones. Knowing how to transfer patients, use the required equipment, and apply mobility and strengthening exercises can enhance the recovery for patients at home.

The personalized services our patients receive care at the core of the results they achieve through our services, which include orthopedic and sports physiotherapy, treatments that address concussions and other injuries, vestibular rehabilitation, and more.

Is physiotherapy at home covered by Insurance?

If you insurance plan covers physiotherapy, your in-home physiotherapy sessions will also be covered by insurance plan. We recommend confirming this information with your insurance provide. If your insurance plan allows direct billing, our administration team will assist with direct billing.

Is physiotherapy at home covered by OHIP?

The in-home physiotherapy and exercise therapy provided by Physiomobility is private and is not covered by OHIP.

Fall Prevention & Home Safety Assessment and Modifications

Providing in-home physiotherapy treatments for individuals in Toronto who are unable to leave their home or those who require a modification of their home environment for safety or mobility issues.

The new approach to health care management has resulted in the common practice of hospital patients encountering shorter stays, and being discharged sooner. Recent studies have shown that patients who recuperate at home tend to eat better, sleep better and recover more quickly. We are committed to providing you with clinical quality care at home.

Our In-home Physiotherapy Care programs are specially designed for individuals in Toronto who are unable to leave their home for the professional care they need, or those who require an evaluation of their home environment to address any safety or mobility issues.

We provide several services for orthopedic conditions, and following hip and knee surgeries.

Home safety assessments and recommendations for assistive devices and modifications are usually provided by occupational therapists.

We work with reputable community providers and facilitate a referral when necessary.

This includes the education of the patient and caregiver on safe positioning for transfers, mobility techniques, home exercises, and proper use of equipment. The exercise portion of the program may be carried out by our registered kinesiologists or physiotherapy assistants based on the treatment plan devised by your physiotherapist and for a lesser fee.

Our registered kinesiologist can independently provide you or your loved one with a progressive exercise program or can complement the treatment sessions provided by our physiotherapists to enhance the recovery and rehabilitation and also to deliver a more cost-effective treatment plan

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Physiomobility continues to remain open and is not part of the lockdown. We continue to have rigorous disinfection policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our community and are open for patient in-person visits with all of our practitioners.

Virtual appointments are available and encouraged for those who are at a heightened risk of illness.

We remain focused on our quality of care & our continued commitment to helping our patients feel their best. For further assistance, you can contact us at 416-444-4800 during our opening hours. 

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