Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage in Toronto

pre natal massage therapyA pregnancy massage is for an expectant mother and aims to address the specific needs of an expecting mother (prenatal) or a mother who has recently given birth (postpartum).

What is A Prenatal Massage?

Expecting or new mothers commonly suffer from back pain, swelling of legs, leg cramps, and foot pain. Like a regular massage, pregnancy or postnatal massage is to relax tense muscles, decrease pain, improve blood flow, decrease edema and swelling of legs, and improve flexibility and joint mobility. This massage is specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Because most pregnant women find it uncomfortable to lie face down, knowledge and care are required to make sure the patient is comfortable. Our massage therapists in Toronto are trained in prenatal and postnatal massage and have a good understanding of how to safely position an expecting mother and use appropriate massage techniques.

How Can A Prenatal Massage Help Me?

A prenatal or postnatal massage has many benefits such as helping the pregnant women to manage common complaints associated with pregnancy such as back pain, leg pain, swelling and leg edema as well as helping to cope with discomfort and improve sleep and mood.

During pregnancy, the center of gravity changes and this puts a great deal of stress on lower and upper back, abdominal and pelvic muscles. The weight gain as well as hormonal changes causing relax ligaments make pelvic joints less stable and causes lower back pain.

Our trained massage therapists in Don Mills know what areas to focus on and what areas to avoid. They are trained on how to position their patients safely to provide comfort and pain relief without causing discomfort for the baby.

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