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At Physiomobility Dizziness & Balance Centre, we treat a range of conditions affecting balance & causing dizziness. We can help you to minimize or eliminate dizziness & imbalance and get back to a better life. We use research based treatments and modern technology in a clinic space dedicated to vestibular rehabilitation. 

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    Can a physiotherapist help me with my vertigo

    One of the most common causes for vertigo is BBPV, which is cause by displacement of small calcium particles in inner ear balance organ. These free floating crystals cause irritation in inner ear and sends faulty messages to the brain.  Sometimes these particles settle by themselves which resolve the symptoms and many times they get stuck in the canals which cause ongoing dizziness. Acute Vertigo attack can last from minutes to a few days depending what is causing it.


    Balance Retraining & Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

    Vestibular rehabilitation

    Vestibular rehabilitation is a research-based therapy that is proven to be effective for many different dizziness and balance conditions.  Physiomobility is one of the few healthcare providers in Canada to use infrared goggle technology & digital balance assessment. Vestibular physiotherapy is an effective treatment for dizziness caused by BPPV and disorders related to the vestibular (inner ear) system.


    Vestibular Neuritis & Labyrinthitis

    Inner ear disorder causing dizziness

     common cause of peripheral acute vertigo, Vestibular Neuritis is a condition characterized by a sudden onset of dizziness in a previously well, young or middle-aged individual. In the beginning, the vertigo is severe and then it subsides gradually over a period of several days or weeks. Apart from vertigo, another characteristic feature that’s used as a diagnostic criterion for Vestibular Neuritis is the absence of any cochlear symptoms, such as deafness and tinnitus (noise or ringing in the ear).


    What are Causes & Symptoms of BPPV & Dizziness?

    Vertigo, BPPV, dizziness treatment in Don Mills

    Inner ear disorders are the cause of 85- 80% of dizziness complaints. Inner ear disorders can be caused by whiplash, blows to the head, viral infections, high doses of certain antibiotics, strokes or degeneration of the inner ear’s balance function, also known as the vestibular system, which often deteriorates with age.


    How is Dizziness Treated by Physiotherapy?

    Vestibular Rehabilitation (VRT)

    A trained physiotherapist collects detailed information about the condition and medical history, completes a series of clinical tests including observing your eye movements to determine the cause of dizziness.

    In acute vertigo caused by displaced particles, a vestibular physiotherapist employs appropriate re-positioning manoeuvres to dislodge the particles from the canal and send them back to where they belong which almost immediately resolves symptoms. In many cases, this is enough treatment.

    Vertigo and disequilibrium can be very frightening, but do not usually signify any serious or life-threatening disease.


    Why Choose Physiomobility Dizziness & Balance Centre?

    • Assessment & Treatment by Vestibular Physiotherapist with advanced level training
    • Modern assessment & treatment tools such as Infrared eye movement recorder
    • We try our best to assess & treat acute vertigo patients on the same day
    • Non-Urgent assessments are arranged within 2-3 days for most services
    • Direct billing for most insurance companies, WSIB & MVA
    • Text reminders for your appointments
    • Evenings & Saturday appointments
    • Ample FREE covered parking, wheelchair accessible

    We do not need a referral from a doctor for assessment and treatment. However, we encourage our patients to visit their primary care provider to rule out more serious causes for dizziness. After an assessment, we may refer you back to your physician for more testing or a referral to a specialist if needed or if your progress is not as expected. Your family physician is an important member of your care team.  With your permission, we will communicate your plan of care and your progress with your doctor. 

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