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Registered acupuncturist in Don Mills

A year into the worst pandemic in recent history, coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to make headlines. Unsurprisingly, the new norms such as working from home, school closures, children and adults cohabitating 24/7, not being able to enjoy our social groups, has triggered a wave of mental health issues. These include increased stress, anxiety, and depression. […]

virtual physiotherapy

Virtual Physiotherapy or tele-rehabilitation by Physiomobility Physiomobility is expediting its plans to find a solution for providing care to our patients during the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic via tele-rehabilitation technology. In light of Canadian public health authorities’ current recommendations for social distancing, we now find it essential and critical to add virtual physiotherapy to our […]


Osteoarthritis and exercise Osteoarthritis (OA) is becoming more common due to our aging society as well as the fact that a significant portion of the Canadian population leads sedentary lifestyles.  Although age contributes to OA formation, it is not the only cause. Instead, OA is a disease process that is initiated and progressed through the […]


By Cristen Hoyle, Registered Massage Therapist Best prenatal massage for my clients… how to make it happen… Prenatal massage for expecting mothers has been probably some of my most rewarding treatments when I think back on all the treatments I’ve provided as a registered massage therapist in North York. There is nothing quite like the […]

Jaw (TMJ) disorder might be the reason for your headache

Jaw joints are known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMD refers to disorders that involve these joints and could be the cause of many different types of  pains in the jaw area as well as headaches. The headaches resulted from TMJ disorders usually do not respond well to generic tension treatment and have to be treated […]

Preventing knee and ankle injuries in figure skaters

By: Paul Messner, Registered physiotherapist Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome + Jumpers Knee Figure Skating is a repetitive jumping sport, figure skaters endure an incredible amount of stress on their knees, especially on their landing leg. Landing a triple requires you to support approximately 3 times your body weight on one leg and about 4 times your body […]

Beat Fibromyalgia

There are many people who are fighting the curse of obesity. Those individuals who are simply overweight because of their lifestyles are still in a better position as compared to people with medical conditions. Contrary to popular belief, obese patients have no control over their hunger cravings. Unfortunately for people fighting obesity the only way […]



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