Physiotherapy Services For Seniors in North York, Toronto

Physiotherapy programs for seniors in Don Mills & North York

Physiotherapy programs for seniorsAt our North York physiotherapy clinic, Physiomobility, we appreciate that seniors are more active and want to remain active and vital for years into their retirement. Physiomobility team is here to help you achieve and maintain your lifestyle goals. Our therapists have training and experience in conditions such as Joint Arthritis, Osteoporosis, falls prevention as well as specialized physiotherapy treatments for dizziness and balance disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, and pelvic floor.



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Physiomobility’s special programs for seniors in North York & Don Mills

Physiotherapy North York Our physiotherapists and exercise therapists can provide you with a range of treatments and programs to help you get better and stay well.

Our low cost, small group exercise programs for arthritis as well as balance and falls prevention are amongst our most popular exercise programs. Our physiotherapy clinic in North York offers a range of physiotherapy treatments for pain conditions & injuries as well as specialized programs. Our knowledgeable staff will assess you and provide you with the treatments required to improve your movement and function. We don’t stop at treating your symptoms but to relieve your pain addressing the underlying causes of the pain. Our treatments are offered in private treatment rooms and spacious, bright and modern exercise studios. We appreciate the contribution that our senior citizens have made to our society by offering a special seniors’ rate that is significantly lower than our regular rate.

Pre & post operation physiotherapy

Physiotherapy programs for seniorsWe offer both pre-operation & post-operative physiotherapy for those undergoing operations including hip and knee replacements. Typically, our treatment programs are funded by private insurance providers. We offer a few programs in partnership with local hospitals that are funded by OHIP.

Are you a candidate for knee replacement or hip replacement? You will benefit from our pre-operation physiotherapy program not only by getting stronger but also by learning how to manage pain, swelling and improve mobility by education. This will minimize the anxiety normally associated with the surgery.

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Read more about Physiomobility’s Fracture Rehabilitation Treatments

After the operation, our main goal is to control pain and minimize the effect of immobility and hospitalization by assisting you to start walking as soon as possible and improve your overall endurance and strength. Our ultimate goal is to assist you to return to your normal life safely.

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Read more about Physiomobility’s Post-Operation Physiotherapy

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At Physiomobility we provide a few rehabilitation programs funded by hospitals including rehabilitation after knee & hip replacement operations. Read below to learn more about each program and call our office to learn if you qualify.

Hip & knee rehabilitation program

We provide rehabilitation programs for clients who undergo total knee replacement, total hip replacement and after total or partial shoulder replacements. This programs are offered in partnership with local hospitals. To learn if you qualify for this program contact us directly.

Click on the link below to learn more about  Physiomobility’s knee & hip Replacement Rehabilitation

GLA:D program for knee & hip osteoarthritis

An evidence-based exercise and educational program delivered one on one or in a small group of a maximum of 4-5 participants. The program is focused on increasing mobility and strength of lower extremities, core, and postural muscles. Patients report significant improvement in mobility and abilities and marked decrease in pain.

More about GLA:D Program…

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Arthritis & Osteoporosis programs

These treatments include hands-on and using exercise therapy to manage pain, improve mobility and prevent fractures. We include education and self- management in your program.

More about Arthritis program…

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In-home physiotherapy & Exercise therapy

For the times that accessing care in our clinics is difficult, we will provide care at the comfort of your home. After accidents, surgeries, stroke or serious injuries, you may benefit from a few sessions of physiotherapy or massage at home or you may need some modifications made to your home to make staying at home safer and easier.

More about In-home Physiotherapy…

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Exercise therapy

Prescribed by your physiotherapist and conducted by the physiotherapist or exercise therapist, we will help you to improve joint range of motion, posture, and balance. We design an exercise program suitable for your needs and goals. Our popular small group exercise programs might just be for you to increase your functional abilities and stay independent.

Balance & Dizziness Exercise Program

Beat Arthritis Exercise Program

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Dizziness & Balance Program/Vertigo treatment

Dizziness is a common complaint from our senior patients. Almost 70% of 70 years old and older suffer from dizziness at least once in their lifetime. You may benefit from our treatments for BPPV and vertigo or our vestibular rehabilitation if the cause of dizziness is related to inner ear dysfunctions and you will certainly benefit from our balance exercise program.

For chronic dizziness sufferers, we offer an exercise program to encourage patients to incorporate mobility and balance exercises in combination with postural, core and hip exercise to improve balance, decrease dizziness and minimize the fear of falling. This program is conducted with a maximum of 2 patients at the same time. This program starts with an assessment by a physiotherapist.

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Balance & Falls prevention program

Our fall prevention program focuses on the causes of falls and prevention and balance training. The most common reasons for falls are lower extremity muscle weakness, postural muscle weakness, vision problems, neuropathies; and falls related to medication and dizziness. Once the cause of the fall is identified, a program will be designed to address the cause and prevent falls and fractures.

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Pelvic Health for women & men

Our pelvic health physiotherapist offers one on one treatment to promote pelvic health and will assist you to manage common conditions such as incontinence for women & men.

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Chiropody & footcare

Our foot care program is suitable for diabetic foot, wound treatment, corns and calluses, orthotics, orthopedic shoes and more. Our chiropodist/foot care specialist provides foot care and prescribes and dispenses orthotics.

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Assistive Device Program (ADP)

We have partnered with ADP mobility aid authorizers who will assess patients and determine if they are eligible for government-funded (OHIP) programs and prescribe mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchair suitable for their needs.

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Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and other practitioners work collaboratively to ensure your visits to our clinic are effective and pleasant.

For more information, visit our website, call us, drop in for a tour of our clinic or to book a 15-minute complimentary consultation with any of our practitioners. We’ll be happy to see you.

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  1. How can physiotherapy help me recover from an illness or injury?

    Physiotherapy uses a variety of methods and exercises to enhance movement, lessen pain, and accelerate healing. We will evaluate your particular injury or condition and create a specialised treatment plan to suit your requirements. Physiotherapy works to regain function, improve mobility, and speed up your recovery through manual therapy, exercises, stretches, and other techniques.

  2. Does physiotherapy work for people of all ages?

    Yes, physiotherapy can help people of all ages, from young children to senior citizens. Physiotherapy can be customized to meet the specific needs of each age group, whether it be treating developmental delays in children, managing sports injuries in teenagers, or providing rehabilitation for seniors.

  3. How long will recovery from physiotherapy take?

    Your condition or injury’s nature and severity, as well as personal aspects like general health and adherence to the treatment plan, all influence how long recovery takes. To establish reasonable expectations and provide an estimated timetable for your recovery, we will work closely with you. It’s crucial to remember that regular attendance at physiotherapy sessions and adherence to home exercise regimens can greatly accelerate your recovery.

  4. What kind of methods are employed in physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy uses a range of methods that are adapted to your particular needs. These might include manual therapy, soft tissue and joint mobilization, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy modalities (like electrical stimulation or ultrasound), heat or cold therapy, and instruction in posture and body mechanics. Your condition and treatment objectives will determine the combination of techniques used.

  5. Do I require a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist?

    To see a physiotherapist, you frequently do not need a doctor’s referral. Physiotherapists are primary healthcare providers, so you can frequently approach them directly for assistance. However, it’s best to check with your insurance company or healthcare network because some insurance plans or healthcare systems might need a referral or pre-authorization.

  6. Can physiotherapy help with chronic pain conditions?

    Yes, physiotherapy can play a crucial role in managing chronic pain conditions. By addressing underlying issues such as muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, or movement compensations, physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, improve function, and enhance your quality of life. Through a multimodal approach, we will work together to develop strategies for pain management and long-term symptom relief.

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Physiomobility continues to remain open and is not part of the lockdown. We continue to have rigorous disinfection policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our community and are open for patient in-person visits with all of our practitioners.

Virtual appointments are available and encouraged for those who are at a heightened risk of illness.

We remain focused on our quality of care & our continued commitment to helping our patients feel their best. For further assistance, you can contact us at 416-444-4800 during our opening hours. 

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