Beat Fibromyalgia by Physiomobility


An Exercise & Rehabilitation Program to Improve Mobility & Strength & Manage Pain. Beat Chronic Pain & Fatigue by Getting Stronger.

Beat Fibromyalgia program is a progressive exercise program and consists of 12 sessions over 6-8 weeks. In addition to the exercise sessions, one educational session by a physiotherapist is also included. The focus of the exercise program is on increasing mobility, strength and low impact aerobic conditioning in addition to core, hip and postural muscle strengthening.

This program incorporates the fluid movements to improve mobility & strengthening and is tailored to each of our participant's tolerance. Regardless of how mild or severe the pain is, participating in a regular exercise program is the key to managing pain and the complications of chronic pain in check.

Beat Fibromyalgia

Initial Assessment                                    $75.00

Individual Sessions                                    $40:00

Package of 12 Sessions                             $420:00

1-on-1 Session                                           $75.00

1-on-1 Session (Seniors's rate)               $65.00

You can join this program in conjunction with your physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment program. Not sure if this is a good choice for you? Book a Consultation before joining the program.

Benefits of Exercise for Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

  • Relieves pain, increases energy, improves quality of sleep
  • Regular exercise boosts levels of natural endorphins (happy hormones)
  • Regular exercise slows down the amount of adrenaline associated with stress
  • Regular exercise prevents lowering serotonin levels due to inactivity
  • Improves range of motion to painful joints and muscles
  • Helps with managing weight
  • Improve's person's outlook on life & improves sens of well-being
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves balance & co-ordination
  • Increases aerobic capacity & cardiovascular health and helps in conditioning
  • Improves bone density
  • Improves social networking , reduces the risk of developing dementia
  • Increases confidence and independence

Do I Need a Referral From My Doctor?

We do not need a referral from a doctor.  After an assessment, we may refer you back to your physician for more testing or a referral to a specialist if needed or if your progress is not as expected. Your family physician is an important member of your care team. With your permission, we will communicate your plan of care and your progress with your doctor.

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