Post-Fracture Physiotherapy Services in Toronto

physiotherapy after fractureFractures (broken bones) are usually because of falls, motor vehicle or work-related accidents or sometimes sports activities. Fractures can be simple or complicated. Most simple fractures heal in 6-12 weeks and a cast may or may not be required to set the fracture and keep it in place so the healing occurs. In more complex fractures an operation may be needed. When a fracture happens, it is not the bone that been injured, surrounding tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons are also involved. Besides, the immobility period required to heal the fracture, the inability to put weight on the fractured area causes joint stiffness and limited range of motion as well as muscle weakness. Physiotherapy and full rehabilitation program are essential to help the patient to return to their maximal functional abilities and normal life.

How Soon Should I Start Physiotherapy?

It all depends on the type and location of the fracture. Always consult your orthopedic surgeon or GP for when it is safe to start your physiotherapy in Toronto, just remember that early intervention prevents complications. Even with non- complex fractures, physiotherapy may be needed to manage pain and swelling and prevent complications related to immobility such as DVT (Blood clots). A safe exercise program to prevent de-conditioning, strengthen muscles and prevent stiffness in the adjacent joints and muscles can start within a few days after the incident.

When the fracture involves lower extremities, retraining for proper walking is an important part of the rehabilitation program.

Depending on the fracture site and severity, regular follow up sessions are usually arranged by the orthopedic specialist or surgeon. If X-Rays were taken as part of follow up show a week bone formation or poor healing, your Thornhill physiotherapist will adjust your treatments to increase blood flow to the fracture site by adding appropriate stress to the area, safely mobilize adjacent joints to promote healing. We will help you to resume your activities and normal life as soon as possible.

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