Best Physiotherapy Clinic Near Me: What to Look for in a Good Physiotherapy Clinic

I am looking for the best physiotherapy clinic near me in Toronto. What should I look for?

Injuries or muscle strain sustained due to accidents and sports injuries or over exertion such as chronic back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort can be reversed with physiotherapy. However, the quality of the treatment will depend on the clinic you choose. According to a study published in Science Direct, clinics with a patient centered approach have higher chances of returning their patients back to their pre-injury condition sooner and therefore retaining clientele and attracting new ones.

Besides this criterion, there are other factors that should also be considered. When searching for the best physiotherapy or chiropractic clinic there are certain things that you should keep in mind to ensure you receive the best quality of care possible. Some of the important ones include:

Qualifications and Credentials of the Therapists

Ailments that can be remedied with natural remedies should not be the only thing the therapy clinic you choose should specialize in. In addition, the physiotherapist(s) should have theoretical and practical knowledge regarding a evidence based and new approaches of treatment and should be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. This will prove that they meet the practice standards, codes of conduct, clean past history and maintain professional standards in their clinic. Therapists’ interest and involvement in post graduate training is one of the most important indicators that you will be receiving a quality care.

Treatment Methods

A general practicing physiotherapist is usually well qualified to treat your common pain conditions such as chronic back or muscular pain. A physiotherapist should be well versed in manual therapy techniques in addition to being able to educate you with latest exercise programs and safe return to activities. Good physiotherapists usually work closely with other health practitioners such as massage therapists, kinesiologists and chiropractors to assist their patients to achieve a speedy recovery. Therefore, choosing a clinic with inter-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary philosophy and a team of practitioners will be a smart decision. Also, clinics with therapists who can offer specialty services such as pelvic floor physiotherapy, vestibular rehab, concussion management may be better suited your condition and needs. A clinic with the flexibility of offering services at home when required is definitely a good choice since for the times that access to community clinics are difficult due to the extent of injury or other issues, a visit by a therapist at the comfort of you home may be all that you need until you are able to attend the clinic and progress in your recovery.

Accessibility and Availability

If you need to visit a physiotherapist regularly, then search for a clinic that is easily accessible to you. Ideally, the one you choose in this case should be close to your home or workplace. In addition, the clinic should be accessible via public and private transport easily and it should have parking space for disabled patients or those who require wheelchair access.

Besides accessibility, the physiotherapy clinic you choose should offer immediate service in case of emergencies. If you start feeling chronic back pain without reason, then it will be better to go to a clinic which offers timely service with a wide range of therapists rather than choose one which may have a wait list. A clinic which can also squeeze you in before your scheduled appointment to treat emergencies is also a keeper.

Physiomobility is known to be one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Toronto and offers a range of treatment options and all of requirements necessary to ensure every patient receives the treatment he/she needs to manage their pain and condition and enjoy life.

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