Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish MassageSwedish massage is a type of therapeutic massage and is the most common and better-known type of massage in North America and the western world. Our trained and registered massage therapists in Toronto employ different techniques in massage therapy including Swedish, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage and many more. Swedish massage is based on the western knowledge of anatomy and physiology and is the most common massage technique in treating injuries.

Swedish massage is not a deep tissue technique and is commonly used for general relaxation or for treating patients after severe injuries such as whiplash, sports injuries, sprains and strain, and other muscle or joint injuries. Swedish massage is also perfect for people who have not had previous experience with massage or people who may not be comfortable with deep tissue techniques.

What Does a Swedish massage do?

Swedish massage techniques warm up the muscle and release tension and gradually break up scar tissues and” knots” and promote relaxation. Depending on treatment goals, the patient’s preference and massage therapist’s style, a Swedish massage can be gentle and slow or vigorous.

The recommended duration for Swedish massage is 45-60 minutes however, depending on the condition a 90-minute treatment gives the massage therapist to treat not only the injured area but the whole body.

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