Hip & knee Rehabilitation Program by Physiomobility

Hip & Knee Rehabilitation Program

Early Bird ProgramHip and knee pain are commonly due to osteoarthritis. Our physiotherapy & exercise therapy team offers an accessible and affordable program for knee & hip osteoarthritis and pain.

Physiomobility’s hip & knee rehabilitation program is designed to help our clients to manage pain, stay active, prepare for surgery or recover faster after the knee or hip replacement operations. Physiomobility’s hip & knee exercise program starts with an assessment by a physiotherapist and the program is implemented by our physiotherapy and exercise therapy team. Our hip & knee rehabilitation and prehab program is an innovative small group approach to rehabilitation.



Read through this page to find answers to questions about hip & knee rehabilitation program in North York:


What is Physiomobility’s hip & knee rehabilitation program?

The hip & knee program is a cost-effective exercise & rehab program for individuals who are dealing with knee & hip pain or are preparing for or have undergone a hip or knee partial or total joint replacement surgery. The program has been successful with proven outcomes:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved physical function
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Return to work, home and leisure activities

Our goal is to assist North York & Don Mills area residents to access timely and affordable rehabilitation to prepare for their surgery and to speed up recovery following their joint replacement operation.

Physiomobility offers GLA:D program for hip & knee osteoarthritis.Click the link to learn more about GLA:D program offered by Physiomobility.

How is the hip & knee rehabilitation program structured?

This program is designed for 6-8 weeks and includes 8-12 sessions. The program is individualized monitored exercises performed in a group setting. Additional weeks or individual sessions can be added if necessary at patient’s request or therapist’s recommendation.

Our goal is to help our patients to return to their daily activities as quickly and painlessly as possible. Patients are seen one to two weeks after their operation for an initial assessment with a physiotherapist. As you progress through the program our physiotherapist and exercise therapist will update your surgeon & your physician on your progress throughout recovery. The program includes:

  • Initial Assessment by registered physiotherapist with years of experience in treating orthopaedic conditions
  • Exercise sessions focused on mobility, strengthening and functional activities
    • Sessions are 50 min in duration
    • Patients will rotate through a circuit of exercise stations and the exercise therapist ensures the intensity of exercise is appropriate and client is using proper form
    • Patients are expected to wear comfortable clothing, bring their own water, towel & proper footwear
  • Education on pain management, swelling, infection concerns
  • Access to our exercise video library as a home program
  • Scar management & massage
  • Gait/walking re-education
  • Balance training

Do I need a referral for Physiomobility’s hip & knee rehab program?

No referral is needed to participate in Physiomobility’s Hip & Knee Rehabilitation Program. However, with a referral from the hospital where your surgery has been or will be performed, you MAY qualify for funding through the hospital’s Bundeled Care programs where your TOTAL KNEE or TOTAL HIP opeation has been performed(Applicable only to TOTAL hip & knee replacement surgeries).

WE NEED A REFERRAL FROM YOUR SURGEON for hospital funded physiotherapy after knee, hip and shoulder replacement operations. If you are not directly referred to our program and would like to receive your post operation rehabilitation in our clinic, you could request a referral from the hospital or we can request an approval on your behalf prior to your operation date. Contact our administration team for more information.

Do I need a physiotherapy assessment?

Our physiotherapist will assess your range of motion and level of function after surgery. Physiotherapist’s assessment also Includes a review of your home exercise program and goal setting for optimal recovery. This assessment will help our physiotherapist/kinesiologist team to tailor the exercise program to your level of function and pain tolerance. The physiotherapist will review risk factors that may affect your recovery. Completion of initial assessment by a registered physiotherapist is required prior to participation in Physiomobility’s Hip & Knee Rehabilitation program.

Is hip & knee rehabilitation program covered by OHIP?

Physiomobility has partnered with local hospitals to improve our clients’ access to quality rehabilitation program before and after their joint replacement. For clients who are referred to Physiomobility through the hospital after their operation, the referring hospital funds the rehab program. In other words, If you qualify for funding, you will participate at no cost to you and Physiomobility will be paid by the hospital.

Is the cost of Prehab or Partial joint replacement covered by OHIP?

Only Total Hip, Knee & Shoulder replacement are funded by referring hospitals in our clinic. If you do not qulify for the hospital funded rehabilitation program, you can still join Physiomobility’s Hip & Knee Rehabilitation program for a very affordable fee which can be covered by your insurance. Our fee for these programs is structured to be affordable for patients who do not have access to third party or government funding.

Is hip & knee rehabilitation program covered by Insurance?

Yes, this program is physiotherapy and if your plan covers physiotherapy, you should be covered for all or part of the fees depending on your plan. We encourage our clients to contact their insurance provider prior to their sessions to learn if they need a referral. Physiomobility is an approved provider for direct billing for a growing list of insurance providers. We are able to directly bill your insurance provider if your insurance plan approves direct online billing for you.

How soon after my surgery can I start my program?

Your surgeon will determine when you are ready to begin your rehabilitation program. If there is no complication related to the operation or general health, typically patients start their rehabilitation program 1-2 weeks after their operation.

Is the program offered only in a group?

The program is essentially a one-on-one treatment session in a small group setting. However, can be offered individually as well for a higher fee.

What is the cost for the hip & knee rehab program?

The program includes assessment and follow up treatments in a small group setting or individual sessions in our exercise studio:

  • Assessment: $105.00
  • Individual Treatment: $75.00
  • Small group Treatment Class Fee: $40.00

In-home appointments available with a different fee schedule. Please call our office for more information if you are interested in In-home exercise therapy programs.

Note: The fees are subject to change and this fee schedule may not be updated regularly. Contact our office for an updated fee schedule.

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