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A rehabilitation and physical therapy program for patients recovering from COVID-19 or other respiratory infections or chronic conditions.

This program is NOT for patients who have an active COVID-19 infection and are symptomatic.

Post covid-19 physiotherapy by Physiomobility


Post COVID-19 infection, you may experience reduced respiratory capacity and suffer from physical deconditioning. You  may be feeling fatigued or experience shortness of breath with daily activities. People also report general weakness, brain fog, or having balance issues. These lingering symptoms affect your return to normal life, work, or social activities. We are here to help. We have designed a rehabilitation program to assist patients who are dealing with lingering COVID-19 symptoms or other chronic respiratory dysfunctions to improve their respiratory capacity and physical activity endurance.
While no referral is needed to participate in Physiomobility’s Post COVID-19 rehabilitation Program, we strongly recommend that you discuss this with your primary care physician before joining the program. We ensure to communicate your treatment program after your initial visit and continue to discuss your recovery progress with your family physician or referring specialist.
Call 416-444-4800 to learn if you benefit from Physiomobility’s Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program

More than a year into the pandemic and there is still a lot unknown about this virus and its long term health effects. Although at this point scientists have gathered important information pertaining to COVID-19, a lot needs to be uncovered in order to better understand how to manage the active infection and how to prevent chronic conditions that may result from this illness. A percentage of people who have contracted the virus report lingering symptoms which is not necessarily experienced by patients with severe initial symptoms. Meaning that even patients with mild or no initial symptoms are reporting these lingering symptoms which are now labelled as Long COVID.

Although COVID-19 virus mainly causes injury to the respiratory system, but inflammation in other organs is not uncommon. It is unknown why some of the patients who had been infected with the virus and did not experience initial severe symptoms continue to suffer from fatigue, shortness of breath, brain fog, and other symptoms long after the infection is resolved.

How Does Physiomobility’s Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Work? 

At Physiomobility, we recognize that there is emerging need for a multitude of treatment options to treat and manage the lingering symptoms for people who were infected with COVID-19. While the virus belongs to the well-known family of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses like flu, there is a lot that is unknown about COVID-19. Not surprisingly, the fear caused by the unknown, impacts not only people who have dealt with the illness but their families, employers and medical and public health professionals. 

Physiotherapists who are part of the medical team treating acute cases of COVID-19 play an important role in ICU and acute hospital settings to keep airways open and manage acute complications. In post-acute or recovery stage of COVID-19 illness, the role of a physiotherapist is mainly focused on improving patient’s physical functioning and returning to normal life. As importantly, a rehabilitation program designed by a physiotherapist will attempt to reduce the risk and severity of future respiratory infections.

At Physiomobility, we recognize the need for a rehabilitation program focused on improving respiratory function and physical conditioning. Our physiotherapy/kinesiology team has developed a program based on current and available research. This respiratory rehabilitation program is structured around breathing exercises and physical endurance and strength training.

  • The program IS suitable for Long COVID patients as well as for patients who deal with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD.
  • This program IS suitable for patients age 18-75 years old who are not suffering from other severe diseases and have no medical restrictions for physical activity.
  • The program is NOT suitable for patients who are currently COVID positive and present active symptoms such as cough, fever, and muscle pain.
  • The program is NOT suitable for patients with moderate and severe cognitive decline since it is  reliant on home exercise program in combination with in-clinic treatments.

What Should I Expect From Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program?

Our goal is assisting you in recovery and returning to your daily activities as quickly and safely as possible.

  • After contacting our clinic for an appointment, our registered physiotherapist will conduct a FREE phone interview to ensure you are a good candidate for the program.
  • At the initial assessment, the clinician will discuss a full medical history and will perform a battery of tests. These tests may measure your respiratory capacity, breathing pattern, current functional abilities, physical endurance, and balance. The physiotherapist then plans your treatment program. After your initial assessment and as you progress through the program our physiotherapist will update your family physician or referring physician.  
  • The program is designed for 6-12 weeks and aims to educate our patients to be able to continue their program with minimal need to attend in-clinic sessions. The entire program will be supervised by a physiotherapist who has extensive experience in treating chronic conditions. Exercise sessions are conducted by a registered kinesiologist and will focus on general endurance, mobility and strengthening.
  • Other members of our multidisciplinary team may be involved depending on the extent of symptoms. Our goal is to assist North York & Don Mills area residents to access timely and affordable rehabilitation following a respiratory condition and to speed up recovery return to normal life.
    • Initial visit is 60 minutes in duration in which you will also establish your goals, as medical cases are different
    • Follow up sessions will be shorter in duration and the duration depends on your progress and rate of recovery. As you improve your will be spending more time and will be able to increase the exercise duration
    • According to your needs, we can arrange for a mix of in-clinic, in-home or virtual appointments
    • The entire program will be supervised by a physiotherapist who has extensive experience in treating chronic conditions. If your physical abilities allow, you will be working with a registered kinesiologist in the clinic or during virtual sessions.
    • Patients are expected to wear comfortable clothing, bring their own water, towel & proper footwear
    • Bring your puffer if you have one
    • A Spirometer for home use is included in the cost of the initial assessment if needed


Mihaela Marica

Mihaela Marica

Registered Physiotherapist

Keiko Kobata

Keiko Kobata

Registered Kinesiologist

Is Physiomobility’s Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Program covered by my Insurance?

Yes, this program is physiotherapy and if your plan covers physiotherapy, you should be covered for all or part of the fees depending on your plan. We encourage our clients to contact their insurance provider prior to their sessions to learn if they need a referral.

What is the cost associated with Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Program?

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment               $150:00
Follow up sessions:                                       $120:00                           
Exercise Only Sessions                                 $75.00
Spirometer                                                  $49.00 plus HST



We use video consultation to learn more about your condition and your home environment.

Video conferencing is an effective solution to educate caregivers and ensure that our patients are supported between their in-home physiotherapy.


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Physiomobility continues to remain open and is not part of the lockdown. We continue to have rigorous disinfection policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our community and are open for patient in-person visits with all of our practitioners.

Virtual appointments are available and encouraged for those who are at a heightened risk of illness.

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