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Physiotherapy for Work Related Injuries in Don Mills 

Work related injuriesWork-related injuries and conditions are commonly treated by physiotherapists. Work-related injuries can range from repetitive sprain syndromes, back injuries due to lifting and carrying, falls and more serious injuries. Not only can our physiotherapists in Toronto assist you at sports injuries, but they can also assist you at work-related injuries. Our goal is to control pain, control inflammation, rehabilitate your condition with exercise programs and ultimately help you to get back to work safely and equipped with the knowledge to prevent further injuries. We will teach you best postures and help you with workstation set up to minimize the effects of static postures or repetitive movements on your body. Whether it be lifting technique improvement, education programs or workstation setups, your skilled physiotherapist is able to offer adequate advice and education to manage or prevent pain and discomfort with work.

I have a WSIB Claim. Am I entitled to treatment?

Work-related injuries range from repetitive strain injuries to muscles and tendons to fractures and mild traumatic brain injuries due to falling or tripping.  It also includes lower back pain due to prolonged sitting in the wrong posture, also known as the neck/upper back/upper limb injuries (NUBUL). These injuries can result while sitting, standing, lifting and handling.  Although work-related injuries vary significantly in severity and involved area, one common complaint is pain and disability caused by pain and injury.

Below are some symptoms common to most of the work-related injuries

  • Headaches related to mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Pain in the back
  • Pain in the neck
  • Pain in the affected arm or lower extremity
  • Difficulty moving the body part

Physiotherapists are the most knowledgeable healthcare practitioners to assess the disability and devise a personalized treatment plan to help with work-related injuries and assist the injured worker to return to work safely.

Physiomobility clinic in the Greater Toronto area provides physiotherapy and chiropractic services for all work-related injuries. For approved WSIB claims, we submit the appropriate Program of Care forms and treat patients within the guideline. The fees associated with these services are directly billed to WSIB.

The WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) is a government agency that provides no-fault compensation for Ontario workplaces covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

Physiotherapists Treat Work-Related Injuries

At Physiomobility, we have a team of qualified professionals who offer specialized treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries including work-related and car accident related injuries. Our experienced physiotherapists will provide you a personalized treatment, offering you relief from pain and discomfort and enabling you to get back to your usual activities quickly.

  • Joint mobilizations
  • Massage
  • Electrotherapy
  • Acupuncture or dry needling
  • Strengthening, rehabilitation and return to work program
whiplashAt Physiomobility, we treat injuries related to Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). Visit a dedicated page to MVA Physiotherapy here.

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