Physiomobility Rehabilitation & Wellness

Rehabilitation Programs to help you reach your goals, whether they be wellness, prevention , treatment or maintenance

At Physiomobility, we believe in prevention, treatment, recovery, return to normal activities, and maintenance to improve quality of life and prevent future injuries. We also believe that rehabilitative fitness routines benefit our patients to gain their physical, mental and social health goals. 

Our rehabilitation & wellness programs are offered in private and semi-private sessions and are suitable for expecting and new moms as well as women & men who have recovered from a recent injury and/or are proactive and want to prevent injuries & improve balance and live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about each program and how to sign up:


Dizziness & balance program

Balance & Dizziness exercise program is an individualized exercise program to promote mobility, improve balance, and decrease fear of falling for men & women who experience dizziness, are lightheaded and have poor balance .

Exercise to beat multiple sclerosis

A rehab program incorporating stretching & strengthening exercises to address core, hip and postural muscle weakness and imbalance and improve balance & co-ordination. Education on healthy biomechanics & pain management.

Beat chronic pain

A mobility, strengthening and endurance rehab program to improve core and postural muscle strength, balance and co-ordination in addition to low impact aerobics to manage pain & improve quality of life.


pilates barre

Pilates Barre is an intensive workout that incorporates the elements of dance and Pilates to elongate muscles and work them to fatigue for endurance, strength and tone. Pilates Barre is great for sculpting the entire body and specifically legs, hip and postural muscles.

Shoulder instability

Get fit, feel great and even lose weight. Our main goal is to improve your fitness by offering a personalized program to help you reach your goal whether it be maintaining the results of your treatment, returning to sports, losing weight or training for hockey, golf or a 5 k run.

Fit moma

Stay strong during pregnancy and prepare your body for giving birth. Pilates routine combines mobility and strength for core and hip muscles. Mommy-Baby Pilates is designed for new moms starting 6 weeks post-partum to enjoy having their babies under crawling age with them during the workout.


A dynamic, full  body workout suitable for all fitness levels, that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all 650 muscles in the body. This exercise routine will increase flexibility and mobility for a healthy, toned and pain-free body.

Prenatal yoga at don mills

Prenatal yoga combines slow movements in safe positions with breathing techniques to generate awareness and improve the mom & baby connection. It is proven to improve the strength of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles & prevents future organ prolapse, a common pregnancy complication.

yoga by physiomobility

From increasing oxygen intake through proper breathing to improving flexibility and blood flow to increase muscle strength and endurance, the list is exhaustive.  Restorative yoga sequence is a gentle flow that creates heat to target and open up stiff joints and muscles. Enjoy!


We encourage all of our expecting or new moms to book a FREE consultation with our pelvic floor physiotherapists or Family chiropractor before joining a pre-natal or post-partum program to ensure the safety and suitability of the program for their often unique situation.


Our instructors have extensive training and experience. We encourage our clients to consult with their primary care practitioners prior to joining a class if they have any medical issue, are pregnant or recovering from a recent surgery, injury or illness.