Yehia Abdelkader

Physiotherapist at Physiomobility

Yehia Abdelkader

Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapist

Yehia pursued his educational career in three different provinces. He started his Kinesiology degree in Vancouver, B.C. then received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia. He then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he received his Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. His diverse educational career has shaped him to become a well-equipped physiotherapist. Yehia has a strong clinical interest in stroke conditions, Parkinson’s, orthopedic and sports injuries and working with the geriatric population.

Yehia’s strength is his unique ability to connect to his clients and provide the education and tools they need to enable them to reach their goals. Yehia’s treatment approach is pivoted on two major principles, patient-centered care, and individualized treatment plan. Through these two principles, he is able to treat his clients with tailored treatment plans that address them functionality and individuality. His passion for his career is his driving force to constantly learn and hone his skills to become a better physiotherapist. He considers himself very fortunate to have chosen a career that keeps him challenged and where he remains passionate about.

Outside the world of Physiotherapy, Yehia has been immersed in sports since the age of 6. Although his passion lies in martial arts he has participated in many sports including rock climbing, racquetball, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, and swimming.