Aris Georgilas


Aris Georgilas

Registered Massage Therapist

Aris Georgilas is an Integrated Functional Therapist specializing in biomechanics, the digestive system, prenatal/postnatal discomfort and
the treatment of pain and dysfunction,
He is a designated Registered Massage Therapist, Medical Acupuncture Practitioner, and Pedorthist. Aris is in his fifth and final year at the Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy.
Aris is a life-long learner, dedicated to his practice and the functional application of manual therapy and incredibly intuitive to the inner functions of the human body
He uses 15 years of experience, training, and education combined with manual therapy techniques to guide his clients back to a positive healthy state.
The primary goals in his practice are to reduce pain and discomfort, improve mobility and enhance a positive mindset.
Treatment plans are specifically tailored to the individual and will be determined with an initial in-person health assessment to provide a personalized and dedicated approach to healing and recovery.
Years of dedication to fitness and martial arts initially inspired his desire to delve deeper into the biomechanics of the human body, healing practices, and the mind-body connection.
Today, Aris’s deep gratitude and appreciation for the human body continuously inspires his will to learn and practice.

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