Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapySports Massage is used before, during, and after sporting events. The purpose of the message is to improve an athlete’s performance by warming up muscles, improving blood flow and reducing fatigue after a game. It is also used to decrease swelling, reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and ultimately to prevent injuries.

Sports massage therapy is the application of various massage techniques to help athletes prevent injuries, prepare for the physical demand for training or competition, perform better and/ or recover from injuries. It can be applied before, during and after a sporting event to assist the athlete for peak performance or prevent fatigue and assist in recovering after the event. Local teams, clubs and individual athletes all benefit from sports massage therapy delivered by our Toronto massage therapists.

What Injuries Does Sports Massage Help?

One doesn’t have to be an athlete to suffer injuries related to sports and physical activities. Muscle strains, tendon, and ligament sprains and increased muscle tension after a workout all are conditions that a sports massage therapist can treat.

Our sport massage therapists in Toronto are trained and are able to provide pre-event, on-site & post-event.

Get Game Ready with a Pre-Event Sports Massage Therapy in the Greater Toronto Area

This is typically a short 5-20 minute massage within 1 hour of the game or competition and is aimed to warm up the muscles and improve blood flow to prevent injury and enhance performance. The massage therapist assists in reducing anxiety, increase alertness and mental clarity and boost confidence.

Perform Better with a Sports Massage during the Event

The sports massage therapist provides 2-15 minute massage treatments to cool down the muscles exhausted during the game or competition and prepare the athlete to get back to the game. This will also assist to reduce muscle soreness and tightness after the game and maintain muscle and joint flexibility.

Relax and Recuperate with a Post-Event Sports Massage in Toronto

This is to support the athlete and assist in cool down. Massage therapy after the game reduces inflammatory agents which naturally accumulate in muscle and prevents muscle soreness and tightness. It also helps to shorten the period athletes need to recuperate post competition. Our sports massage therapist in Don Mills can also identify any new or prospective injury sites and coordinate an effective treatment plan with team’s physiotherapist and chiropractors.

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