Sports Specific Training Program Toronto

sports conditioningAt Physiomobility, improving function is the core of all of our programs. Our physiotherapy clinic in North York, Toronto offers adult and youth fitness programs to bring out the athlete in you. Our goal is to make you functionally fit for your sport or your everyday life. Running, biking, Soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, whatever your favorite sport activity is, you will improve your fitness level and performance with a goal-oriented exercise routine to improve your strength, agility, balance, and endurance and will minimize the risk of injuries. A conditioning program will assist you to achieve your personal goal and general overall well-being.

The training program starts with a fitness assessment by our Kinesiologist and is followed by weekly sessions. 1-on-1 training sessions are 60 minutes in length. In the first session, you will learn all of the major conditioning movement mechanics and postures and participate in a sample routine. The focus of the program is to enhance athletic performance through the development of physical abilities to peruse their goals in sport and life. The program can be tailored to all ages from teen athletes to boomers.

If you have any injuries or conditions that concern you, our Toronto physiotherapist is always available to assess the safety of the program for you and provide modifications.

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