Pilates Program in Toronto

Pilates Program Targeting Rehab and General Fitness

Pilates offered by Physiomobility in our North York, Toronto physiotherapy clinic refers to a form of exercise with a focus on activating deep core muscles to safely increase your control over a variety of movements that you incorporate in your daily life and leisure or sports activities. We train your core muscles to switch on and provide your spine and joints with the stability required during dynamic movements.

Our program is specifically designed for people who are suffering from back pain or the ones who want to prevent it. People experience difficulties with controlling spinal movements after injuries, surgeries, giving birth, or having a more sedentary lifestyle. Our program can also benefit people such as dancers who want to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

Pilates is thought in a number of different ways that vary in difficulty and skill level; mat Pilates, reformer Pilates (Pilate’s movements using equipment called reformer) and Barre Pilates are commonly thought in Pilates studios. Physiomobility’s Pilates instructors use a combination of approaches to tailor the treatment sessions to your specific needs with a focus on Pilates Barre.


In 1920s Joseph Pilates started talking about an exercise regimen that focused on developing core stability. He talked about “girdle of strength” which meant learning to recruit the deep lumbar and trunk muscles before moving arms and legs. He did not demonstrate a complete knowledge of anatomy but was surprisingly aware of the importance of these deep muscles and their supportive effects.

In recent years, Pilates has been increasingly popular both as a fitness regimen and its application in a clinical setting such as physiotherapy clinics has been more and more recognized.

Who can benefit from Pilates?

80% of people who have experienced an acute episode of back pain suffer from recurrent back pain within one year of the initial injury and many develop chronic back pain. Research shows that the core muscles switch off or do not properly fire and remain under-active in people after an acute episode of back pain. This is usually the cause of recurrent symptoms.

Core muscles or core stabilizers are very important in providing stability to the spine during dynamic movements. Therefore, Core stabilization or core stability retraining is an integral part of physiotherapy for back pain or rehabilitation program. A well-designed rehabilitation program significantly reduces the risk of re-injury.

Pilates has been proven to be a very effective and enjoyable treatment approach in re-training core muscles. Pilates can range from an easy flow movement pattern to very challenging and skillful movements to improve performance in dancers and armature or professional athletes.

Who is Suited to Pilates?

Although Pilates movements are proven to be effective in increasing core muscle strength and stabilization Pilates isn’t for everyone! A poorly designed or supervised Pilates exercise program that is too difficult for your body can cause pain and injury. At Physiomobility, we regularly treat patients who have increased their back pain at poorly run or supervised Pilates classes.

What’s the Link Between Pilates and Core Stability?

You can’t build a sturdy structure on a poor foundation. The application of Pilates and other core stabilization exercises is as simple as that. To build a strong and pain-free back and to be able to move the way your body is designed for, you need to recruit the deeper core muscles prior to your superficial layers. Having strong superficial muscles is not enough to prevent back injuries or we would not see weight lifters who commonly suffer from back pain.

Pilates by Physiomobility

Physiomobility offers 1 on 1 or semi-private Pilates sessions for women & men of all ages and fitness levels to either complement their treatment plans or just to prevent injuries. The instructor provides a safe and steady progression from basic control to intermediate and advanced control.

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The Pilates Program offered by Physiomobility is NOT covered by OHIP, Employee Insurance Plans, MVA & WSIB.


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