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Our physical therapy clinic in CF Shops at Don Mills is the ideal setting to serve all your pelvic physiotherapy needs & more. Although majority of our patients are women, but we treat male patients with pelvic & digestive issues.

Women’s health issues are not just related to the pelvic floor muscles. Our team of physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapists treat both pelvic floor and musculoskeletal conditions that are commonly experienced by women. We are here to assist in your journey to recovery when you are an expecting or new mom, recovering from a surgery or experiencing pain and other pelvic related conditions.

  • Direct billing to most insurance providers
  • Free parking
  • Evenings & Saturday appointments
  • Pre-Natal Care

    Pre & Post Natal Pelvic Health, Your Questions Answered

    Pre-natal or antenatal care consists of regular examinations and follows ups by your doctor to prevent probable health problems that develop during pregnancy or treat them to improve the health of the mother and the baby. Expectant mothers may experience lower and mid back pain, muscle spasms, abdominal bulging, SIJ joint pain, bladder control problems, constipation or straining, and carpal tunnel symptoms.

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    Post-Partum Care


    The most common conditions after delivery include urinary incontinence, low back pain, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor muscle or ligamentous injury due to delivery, and pelvic girdle pain.

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    Organ Prolapse

    Can a physiotherapist help a patient with Parkinson’s disease

    Organ prolapse or pelvic organ prolapse is due to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The organs like the uterus or bladder dislodge from their normal position and may cause them to protrude. The feeling of dragging and heaviness inside the vagina is one of the symptoms of organ prolapse.

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    Incontinence, Constipation, IBS


    Urinary incontinence occurs in men and women of all ages but it is common in the elderly. Most people resolve to live with the condition by using diapers, taking medication, and opting for surgery. However, physiotherapy is one of the most successful treatment options for increasing bladder control.

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    Pelvic Dysfunction, Pain, and Dyspareunia


    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a condition that affects muscles in the lower pelvic area. The pelvic floor consists of muscles that surround the pelvic bone and support the weight of organs in that area such as the bladder, rectum, prostate and uterus.

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    Why Choose Physiomobility Pelvic & Women’s Health Centre?

    • One on one treatment time with your therapists
    • Dedicated clinic space with private treatment rooms
    • Early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments
    • Assessments arranged within 2-3 days for most services
    • Direct billing for most insurance companies
    • Text reminders for your appointments
    • Ample FREE covered parking
    • Child friendly environment
    • We do not need a referral from a doctor.  After an assessment, we may refer you back to your physician for more testing or a referral to a specialist if needed or if your progress is not as expected. Your family physician is an important member of your care team. With your permission, we will communicate your plan of care and your progress with your doctor.

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