Orthotics Foot Care Products & Treatment in Toronto

Do I need orthotics?

Orthotics & Footcare in Don MillsTake the right step by seeing our foot specialist if you are experiencing painful feet. Is pain keeping you from a soccer game, mountain trail, or just functioning day to day? With more than 50% of Canadians dealing with foot problems, you’re not alone in putting up with daily discomfort.



Allow us to help you get rid of the pain. No matter the condition that keeps you off your feet, we’ll help you get back on the trail or field again. We treat everything from ingrown toenails to diabetic conditions. Our Foot Specialist/Chiropodist creates 3D scanning of your feet to assess your need for a corrective orthotics.

Do I benefit from wearing orthotics?

Many of our clients may not know if they will benefit from orthotic therapy. Orthotics are commonly prescribed for the following conditions as a part of a more comprehensive treatment which may include physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, and exercise therapy:

  • Shin splints
  • Hip and back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Knee pain
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Strained hamstrings
  • IT Band Syndrome

Superior Foot Care in Don Mills

Physiomobility has professional physiotherapists, chiropodists, massage therapists, and exercise therapists in Toronto to help diagnose and properly treat your condition so you can get back to your favorite activities.

Our practitioners take a look at your posture, foot biomechanics, injuries, etc. to come up with a treatment plan. We use high-tech assessment equipment to help us determine the best course of action for you.

Orthopaedic Shoes & Orthotics in CF Shops at Don Mills

Improper foot biomechanics can cause pain in the entire lower half of your body. If we suspect that your feet are the cause of the problems, we begin an examination of your

  • Posture
  • Gait (how you walk)
  • Symptoms
  • Off-shelf orthopaedic footwear

We also use computerized 3D scanning analysis to identify any abnormalities that may be a part of how you stand or walk. Orthotics are corrective devices that are worn inside the shoe that align the muscles, tendons, and bones of the feet and lower legs. They correct your gait and stance and even influence your posture. Custom-made Orthotics can decrease pain in your feet, legs, hips, and lower back.

We can make Orthotics in Toronto for any type of shoe or foot condition, even for children. Most extended health care plans cover custom-made Orthotics, though you may need a prescription from your physician.

Plantar Fasciitis pain? Do not suffer, get relief today

Don’t go one more day in pain or discomfort. Allow our professionals to make walking, running, and playing a joy rather than a challenge.  You may need a foot massage or a pair of orthotics or you may simply need to choose better shoes. We can help, contact our Don Mills foot clinic.

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