Neck Nerve Impingement

What is Neck Impingement?

nerve impingement

Neck impingement usually occurs when herniated disk material or arthritic bone spurs cause nerve compression. The most common cause of this impingement is degenerative changes in the spine that occur as part of the aging process, or due to injuries.

These changes then form a bulging or herniated disk. The bulging disks lose height, which causes the vertebrae to move closer together. This leads to the formation of bone spurs around the disk to help strengthen it, which simply stiffens the spine even further. All of this contributes to pinching the nerve root and causing compression and pain.

Some symptoms of neck impingement include:

  • Neck and radiating arm pain or numbness
  • Sensory deficits
  • Motor dysfunction in the neck and upper extremities

Through magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) or computed tomographic myelography, nerve compression can be confirmed. Patients with neck impingement generally tend to improve over time with a treatment course that does not involve an operation.

Common Treatment Options

–          ART and IASTM

–          Manual therapy

–          Dry Needling

–          Rehabilitation exercises

–          Acupuncture

–          Ultrasound

–          Laser Therapy

–          Interferential Current

–          TENS

–          Chiropractic & Massage therapy

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Physiotherapists treat Neck impingement

At Physiomobility, we have a team of qualified professionals who offer specialized treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you have a chronic medical condition, such as arthritis, or you have experienced a sports injury, or suffer from dizziness and vertigo our experienced physiotherapists will provide you personalized treatment, offering you relief from pain and discomfort and enabling you to get back to your usual activities quickly.

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