Mastitis-blocked milk ducts

Blocked milk ducts are commonly the cause of breast pain and tenderness in new mothers. If the blocked ducts get inflamed the condition is called Mastitis.

If you have tried everything that Google and mommy forums have to offer (warm compresses, soaking breasts in warm baths, cabbage leaves, applying oil to nipples) but you still have those tender lumps from
blocked milk ducts, don’t despair. You still have one more option!

For persistent blocked milk ducts that won’t reduce in size or go away, a physiotherapist trained in women’s health can help you get the milk flowing again. Ultrasound treatment delivers deep heat to milk ducts that won’t go away with superficial heat treatments you do at home.

Ultrasound treatments work very effectively, usually clearing the lump within three sessions. For these appointments, be sure to bring your hungry baby with you to feed immediately on the warmed milk!

The earlier you clear these blocked ducts, the better. Continued block ducts can become inflamed and develop into mastitis.

How do I know if the blocked milk duct has turned into a mastitis?

If the blocked duct has become inflamed, the breast will be red, swollen, warm, and painful. When it reaches this stage, ultrasound treatment is not appropriate because heat should not be applied to
infected areas. Please contact your doctor to treat the infection and allow the infection to resolve before seeking ultrasound treatment.

By: Ingrid Yu, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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