The Bottom Line:

  • Shock wave therapy encourages a quicker and more efficient healing process than conservative therapy alone by encouraging the body’s natural healing processes. Specifically for chronic lower back pain originating from muscle injury or active trigger points in the muscles. 
  • Back pain can be effectively reduced by a number of biological responses that shock wave therapy is known to produce. These outcomes are connected to an improvement in mobility and a general reduction in discomfort.

Low back pain is typically brought on by soft tissue injuries and mechanical problems. Intervertebral disc injury, nerve root compression, and incorrect spinal joint mobility are a few examples of these injuries.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy was created in the early 1980s to help urologists dissolve kidney stones without operating on patients. From there, the orthopedics treatment was researched. Before discovering that the procedure would also speed up the general healing of fractures, researchers first observed that the procedure helped to release cement in revisions for total hip arthroplasties.

While you might believe that you can treat your back pain on your own, there are specific situations where you should consult a doctor. These consist of:

  • if the duration exceeds a week.
  • if the discomfort makes it difficult to perform routine everyday tasks.
  • if you suffer from excruciating discomfort at night or while lying down.
  • if it causes one or both of your legs to become weak, numb, or tingly.
  • if you also have weight loss or back inflammation.

Shockwave therapy affects the body in several ways:

Repairs Cell Tissue – At the cellular level, the chemical environment of tissues is directly impacted by the sonic wave stimulus. To stop inflammation, it transforms and releases free radicals.

Circulation is boosted – The body needs consistent blood flow to hasten the healing process. High-energy sound waves provide a revascularization effect that stimulates blood flow to the injured area and speeds up soft tissue healing and regeneration.

Normalizes Muscle Tone – SWT also relaxes muscle spasms and guards against the neuro-cognitive anguish connected to long-term disorders. It can therefore restore normal muscular tone and reduce spasms.

Reduced acoustic waves have a direct impact on the nerves that convey pain signals to the brain when they are administered to certain trigger locations to treat pain. SWT prevents this interaction between the interneurons.

These point to the possibility that you require chiropractic care, physiotherapy, or other specialized medical care. For back pain, they may advise shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy reduces pain, aids with mobility, is non-surgical, and lessens a person’s reliance on painkillers. Call Physiomobility at 416-444-4800 to make an appointment for qualified shockwave therapy services.


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