Healthy Backs by Physiomobility


An Exercise & Rehabilitation Program to Improve Mobility & Strength & Prevent Re-Injury. Get Rid of Back Pain by Getting Stronger

The Healthy Backs program by Physiomoiblity is suitable for patients with mild to moderate mechanical lower back pain, prenatal & postpartum population, and/or patients who have completed a course of physiotherapy and would require to continue an exercise program to prevent recurring or chronic lower back pain.

It includes stretching, strengthening and balance components for a functional program.The muscles between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor constitute your core. A strong lumbar spine and pelvis supports your whole body. In fact, most movement involves the core, so it is an essential part of our orthopaedic and physiotherapy treatments. The Healthy Backs program by Physiomobility is an individualized exercise program of 6 sessions over 6-8 weeks. In addition to the exercise sessions, education on ergonomics, proper body mechanics and pain management is also included. The focus of the exercise program is on increasing strength and control of core, postural and hip muscles. We also teach you how to improve muscle activation and co-ordination. In addition we will include education on making ergonomic changes to work and living environment.

Group Sessions                                    $40:00

Group Session (Seniors' rate)            $30.00

1-on-1 Session                                      $75.00

1-on-1 Session (Seniors's rate)          $65.00

You can join this program in conjunction with your physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment program. 

Benefits of Exercise for Back Pain

  • Live happier and longer with a better quality of life
  • Tones important muscle groups
  • Prevent falls & fractures
  • Provides relief from common pain complaints
  • ​Improves balance & co-ordination
  • Improves bone density
  • Improves social networking , reduces the risk of developing dementia
  • Increases confidence and independence 

Do I Need a Referral From My Doctor?

We do not need a referral from a doctor.  After an assessment, we may refer you back to your physician for more testing or a referral to a specialist if needed or if your progress is not as expected. Your family physician is an important member of your care team. With your permission, we will communicate your plan of care and your progress with your doctor.