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study the application of vr technology in THE evaluatION & treatMENT OF patients experiencing dizziness & imbalance

Participants who are chosen for the study will receive full assessment and 6 sessions of treatment free of charge in Physiomobility Dizziness & Balance Centre.

**Limited number of participants will be accepted**

Study Details

Application review and clinical assessment of dizziness & balance is performed by Gita Mikal, Certified vestibular physiotherapist. Participants who are suitable and are chosen for the study will receive FREE full clinical assessment and 6 weekly treatment sessions at:

Physiomobility Dizziness & Balance Centre

6 Maginn Mews, Suite 211A

Shops at Don Mills

Toronto, ON M3C 0G9



Join our study if you experience:

* Dizziness with bending forward or pitching head back

* Dizziness or discomfort with quick head movement

* Dizziness or spinning when rolling in bed

* Discomfort walking in the dark

* Discomfort walking down a supermarket isle or being in busy environments

* Recurrent vertigo & spinning

* A fall in the past 6 months due to being dizzy or with no apparent reason

* Dizziness after concussion

* Difficulty reading after a concussion, car accident or a fall