Diabetic Care Management & Dietary Consultation in Toronto

A team approach to diabetic care management

Exercise to manage diabetes

Preventing and managing complications related to diabetes requires a team approach. Personalized exercise programs, proper foot care, and dietary consultation are to complement medical care by your physicians.

Our Diabetic Care program is a collaboration between our team members. Each can assist you to prevent and/or manage the complications related to diabetes. Physiotherapists will assist you with pain and edema related to Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN), while our exercise therapists provide you with a variety of exercises designed to encourage physical activity depending on your abilities.

Our registered dietitian consultants provide education and dietary consultation for clients on how to manage their diabetic condition. And if required, our chiropodist provides foot care and advice of wound care, proper footwear and assistive devices. A group mindfulness-based stress reduction and relaxation program component can be included in the program to empower our patients and assist them to take control of the condition while staying socially active.

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During this critical time, we want to continue helping you have access to care when needed. WE ARE:

  • Providing in-person physiotherapy only for urgent cases at our client's residence (in-home services)
  • Launching virtual physiotherapy and psychotherapy sessions (Online, phone & video sessions). Learn more...
  • Available to answer your calls, book appointments & respond to your e.mails (Mon-Friday 9 am-3 pm)

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