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Figure Skating; Common Back Injuries and The Role of Physiotherapist

By: Paul Messner, Registered Physiotherapist   Figure skating is a technically difficult sport combining athletic power and artistic finesse. Most competitive figure skaters train 4-6 hours per day for 11 months of the year. Due to the demanding training regime, figure skaters are susceptible to atraumatic and chronic overuse injuries which generally occur in the […]

Beat Fibromyalgia

There are many people who are fighting the curse of obesity. Those individuals who are simply overweight because of their lifestyles are still in a better position as compared to people with medical conditions. Contrary to popular belief, obese patients have no control over their hunger cravings. Unfortunately for people fighting obesity the only way […]

My hip x-ray shows I have arthritis, Should I worry

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain and is a progressive condition usually confirmed by abnormal findings in hip x-ray such as bone spurs. By progressive disorder we don’t mean that with time the patient’s pain will get more intense and treatment will get more difficult but arthritic changes may progress. […]

Prevent concussions, it is important

Preventing concussions is as important as managing them. A concussion is an injury to the brain that occurs due to trauma such as a blow to the head or falling down.  The brain is one of the most intricate organs of a human body and is protected by a skull and spinal fluid. The function […]

What Is Epley Maneuver and Is It Effective For Vertigo?

Symptoms like being dizzy is experienced by many people often in open spaces. They usually complain that they start feeling dizzy in public places such as grocery stores and are often intrigued about the root cause of this issue. There are many different reasons why we feel dizzy but the most common include anxiety, blood […]

Back pain keeping you from doing what you like to do?

Back pain? You need exercise more than pills… Low back pain is one of the most common chronic pains that people face all around the world. This sometimes disabling pain is not specific to any age group. Children as young as 12 have reported chronic pain.  According to an independent research, it was ascertained that […]

Top Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

Running injuries are not just for professional athletes. Every runner including professional runners knows that their lifestyle has the capacity of causing injuries. Not only are runners at risk from falling and harming themselves, but the sheer amount of muscles that they are exercising on a daily basis increases the probability of injuries by a […]

What is Meniere’s disease?

Menieres disease is a disorder that affects the inner ear. It is also known as idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops. It normally only affects one ear and is characterized by episodes of vertigo, tinnitus and severe pain in the ear and occasionally and progressive loss of hearing. The inner ear is responsible for many different functions including balance […]




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