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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a natural method with roots that date back to the ancient Egyptians in which stones that have been heated up are positioned strategically across the body on trigger points and acupuncture points. The stones are smooth and made of basalt. Before use, the stones are heated in sanitizing water and […]

What Are Shin Splints

Often, people refer to shin splints when they feel any pain below the knee and in front of their lower leg. However, feeling pain in this area doesn’t necessarily mean you have shin splints. Shin pain can be the result of several factors, and can vary in intensity. If you think you might have shin […]

How Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power And Confidence

We all know working out is great for the body, but did you know it’s also great for the mind? Exercise boosts your confidence levels and increases your brain power. By exercising on a regular basis you can improve your cognitive functions and feel great about yourself. The benefits go way beyond immediate results and […]

Can a massage therapist help with sports injuries

The sciatic nerve, which runs along the lower back and into the legs, is a common source of discomfort and pain for many. When this nerve is compressed, people might feel pain from their lower back to their toes. This pain can range from mild to severe, and can make simple movements very painful and […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of ART

ART stands for Active Release Techniques. It is a noninvasive soft tissue technique that is based on movement massages. This type of physiotherapy is used to treat chronic issues with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Active release techniques are used on patients with overused muscles such as tennis elbow (inflammation of elbow tendons), sciatica […]

How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Your Child

For many youngsters, childhood is a happy time. For others it is plagued by developmental issues, sadness and behavioral problems. Parents of children who are experiencing a hard time can turn to psychotherapy to help their kids cope. What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is a treatment used to deal with mental disorders without the use of […]

Eight Benefits Of Pre-Natal Massage Therapy

Pre-natal massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. Numerous studies have been done on the subject and it seems like prenatal massage therapy is quickly becoming a must for pregnant women. There are many advantages to prenatal massage therapy. If you’re unsure if this is right for you, here are eight […]

Is Plantar Fasciitis Causing My Sore Heel

Your feet are designed to handle a lot of pressure. But when they’re put under too much strain, you could end up with sore feet. If the pain you’re experiencing is located on the bottom of your heel, it’s likely caused by plantar fasciitis. What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause […]

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