23Mar 2017
The Basics of Running Injury Free

Running is one of the most sought after exercise routines to improve cardiovascular health, general conditioning and curb the everyday work stress.  There is one slight drawback of being an avid runner and that is the injuries related to running. Repetitive minor injuries can severely impact your daily running routine and set you back in […]

20Mar 2017
What causes headache?

A common cause of peripheral acute vertigo, Vestibular Neuritis is a condition characterized by a sudden onset of dizziness in a previously well, young or middle-aged individual. In the beginning, the vertigo is severe and then it subsides gradually over a period of several days or weeks. Apart from vertigo, another characteristic feature that’s used […]

26Feb 2017
pre natal & post partum care

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is an evidence-based approach to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions.  These include, but are not limited to the following: Incontinence (leakage, urine or fecal) Urinary frequency Urinary urgency Bowel dysfunction including constipation Unexplained pain in the low back or pelvic region Pain during or after intercourse Organ prolapse Pelvic pain Pre and post […]

12Jan 2017
What Is Epley Maneuver and Is It Effective For Vertigo?

Dizziness, vertigo, and other balance-related conditions are among the most common health problems in adults.  Characterized by sudden light-headedness and a sensation that your head is spinning, vertigo affects almost 40% of the adult population, with increased prevalence among older people. While occasional dizziness is not a serious issue, for chronic sufferers, vertigo can become […]

03Dec 2016

The hip joint is where the top end of the femur (thigh bone) meets the acetabulum socket of the pelvis. It is typically referred to as a ball-and-socket joint, with the ball being the head of the femur (femoral head) and the socket being the acetabulum of the pelvic bone. Hip pain is commonly happens […]

14Nov 2016
What’s The Difference Between A Ligament Sprain And A Ligament Tear

Athletes can often feel like regulars at the sports injury clinic in Toronto. In addition, the advice received can become confusing when terms like ligament tear and sprain are used interchangeably. But the difference between a sprain and a tear isn’t as complicated as many people think. The following will help you understand ligament sprains […]

07Nov 2016
How Orthopedic Physiotherapy Can Treat Whiplash

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs from automobile accidents. There are many ways that doctors treat whiplash, and physiotherapy has been shown to provide relief for those who suffer from its many symptoms. Physiotherapy treatments consist of a wide range of modalities and tools, including exercises, stretches, and manual therapy. Knowing how orthopedic physiotherapy […]