02Jun 2017
Three Tips for Better Desk Posture

The modern, sedentary lifestyle poses a number of health-related challenges. One big challenge is how to avoid assuming unhealthy positions that may lead to poor posture during long work hours sitting behind the desk and working with computer. Maintaining an optimal posture is important because poor posture is not only causes a number of musculoskeletal […]

26May 2017
Urinary Incontinence and the role of Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Urinary incontinence, which is defined as involuntary loss of urine, affects up 38 percent of women and 7 percent of men. When the root cause of incontinence varies greatly, the condition is more prevalence among elderly individuals and pregnant women. Unfortunately, many people with bladder control problem do not seek medical advice due to the […]

12May 2017
You Need Physiotherapy After Car Accident

Physiotherapy after car accident is important. The aftermath of a car accident can be challenging, both from physical and emotional perspective. In such a difficult time, it is common for most people to ignore minor aches and injuries. However, sometimes, these small injuries can transform into a health issue, resulting in pain and discomfort. Therefore, […]

05May 2017
The Role of Physiotherapy in Treating Pelvic Floor, Urinary and Gastrointestinal Dysfunctions

THE ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY IN TREATING PELVIC FLOOR, URINARY & GASTROINTESTINAL DYSFUNCTIONS Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) affects 30% of women and up to 10% of men. PFD refers to conditions such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse. These conditions are more common after giving birth or frequent urinary infection. Although the are […]

28Apr 2017
Neck pain; 5 Common Questions About Neck Pain and Their Answers

What are the common causes of neck pain? There are a number of reasons a person can experience acute or chronic neck pain. Some of the most common causes include: Sleeping in the wrong position Sports injuries Poor posture Repetitive motion, such as while swimming or dancing Whiplash injury Degenerative disc disease Herniated disc Arthritis […]

21Apr 2017
Pain Management, Drugs Are Not Enough

Chronic pain is one of the most widespread conditions in the world affecting the health and quality of life of about 17-20 percent of the total adult population. Approximately one third of North Americans experience some kind of acute or chronic pain, with every one in five people reporting that their pain is constant. This […]

16Apr 2017
Pre & Post Natal Pelvic Health, Your Questions Answered

What makes pre & post natal pelvic health so important? Expectant mothers and those immediately post-partum, can benefit from a pelvic floor health assessment for common conditions such as: LOW BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA Low back pain is commonly experienced during pregnancy and after giving birth. Changing hormone levels affects ligaments supporting lower back area […]

11Apr 2017
Top 5 Reasons for Sudden Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain? Made up of two main bones and several muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in your body. The complex structure of the shoulder joint attributes to its wide range of motion, which in turn makes shoulder joints more vulnerable to injuries. While different musculoskeletal conditions […]