11Aug 2017
home physiotherapy

While dizziness affects people of all age groups, it is a more common complain among older individuals. Most commonly, being dizzy is associated with the use of different medications and age-related changes among elderly individuals. However, vertigo without an apparent reason is an alarming situation as it can be a symptom of different health-related conditions, […]

04Aug 2017
Incontinence in Female Athletes Has An Easy Solution

Until now, urinary incontinence was considered to be a problem for elderly women only. But recent research studies show that young women, who are physically active and involved in high-impact sports activities can also experience this inconvenient issue. Various surveys conducted to determine the prevalence of urinary incontinence among female athletes suggest that the problem […]

21Jul 2017
Headache and Chiropractic Care

When it comes to common health issues, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than headache. Ranging from mild to moderate headaches to pulsating pain that leaves a person debilitated, headaches can be caused due to a number of reasons. In addition, there are four common headache types that people can experience which are listed below: Tension-type […]

14Jul 2017
Can a physiotherapist help me with my vertigo

Vertigo and dizziness are often hard to diagnose, and they can be the result of previous sports injuries, inner-ear problems, or concussions. Once diagnosed, treatment for BPPV in Toronto or surrounding area can be facilitated with much success –but how does one know when their dizziness can  be treated? What Causes Vertigo or Dizziness? First, let’s […]

30Jun 2017
Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow

Characterized by pain and muscle weakness, Tennis Elbow is a musculoskeletal condition that’s caused due to strain resulting from repetitive use of the forearm extensor muscle. Physiotherapy is the first line of treatment options for tennis elbow. While athletes, particularly tennis players, are at a greater risk of developing the condition, tennis elbow can affect […]

23Jun 2017
The Role of Physiotherapist in Pregnancy and Child Birth

Pregnancy and labour significantly affects a woman’s pelvic health, making a trained pelvic health physiotherapist an integral part of any woman’s prenatal and postpartum care team. Expectant mothers, and those immediately postpartum, can benefit from a pelvic floor health assessment for common conditions such as: LOW BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA Low back pain is commonly […]

09Jun 2017
Physiomobility service at retirement home

There are a number of steps that you can take in order to be prepared for your physiotherapy at home after operation. Being prepared ensures that you and your therapist can work together to reach your goals faster and move better. After surgery, it would be best not to impose a lot of strain on […]