Physiomobility is known as one of the best physiotherapy clinics located in North York, Toronto. Welcome to a journey toward holistic wellness and vitality! At Physiomobility, located in the vibrant neighborhoods of Don Mills and North York, we’re committed to redefining your understanding of exceptional physiotherapy care in Toronto.

At the heart of our practice are knowledgeable and skilled  professionals armed with expertise, experience, and an unwavering dedication to your well-being. Our team of skilled physiotherapists brings forth a wealth of knowledge, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and personalized approaches to address a diverse array of conditions.

Tailored Physiotherapy Programs For You

Recognizing that each individual is unique, our approach to physiotherapy revolves around personalized care. We craft tailored treatment plans that align with your specific goals, ensuring a journey toward rehabilitation that is as effective as it is empowering.


State-of-the-Art Physiotherapy Facilities

Step into our modern, state-of-the-art facilities, meticulously designed to provide you with an environment that fosters healing and rejuvenation. Equipped with advanced technology and amenities, our centers in Don Mills and North York create the ideal setting for your wellness journey.


Community-Centric Approach

Beyond the walls of our centers, Physiomobility actively engages with the community, offering workshops, community service, and wellness initiatives aimed at promoting overall health and vitality.

Comprehensive Services Offering

  • Dizziness and Balance Management

Experience a specialized approach to address issues related to dizziness and balance. Our dedicated team employs evidence-based techniques and vestibular rehabilitation to help regain equilibrium, fostering a renewed sense of stability and confidence in your movements.

  • Arthritis Management

Combat the challenges of arthritis with our tailored management plans. Through a combination of targeted exercises, joint mobilization, pain management strategies, and education, we aim to enhance your mobility and quality of life, empowering you to navigate life with greater ease.

  • Pelvic Health Rehabilitation

Discover the transformative impact of pelvic health rehabilitation. Our comprehensive programs address a spectrum of pelvic issues, catering to both men and women. With a focus on pelvic floor strengthening, manual therapy, and personalized exercises, regain control and vitality in your everyday life.

  • Headache and Migraine Relief

Embark on a journey toward relief from debilitating headaches and migraines. Our specialized protocols integrate various therapeutic approaches, including manual therapy, relaxation techniques, postural re-education, and lifestyle modifications, providing a path to reduce frequency and intensity of these conditions.


Your Path to Optimal Wellness Begins Here

At Physiomobility, we’re dedicated to restoring your mobility and enhancing your well-being through personalized physiotherapy treatments. Our skilled team of professionals focuses on crafting tailored therapy plans, aiming to alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and enhance your overall quality of life. By choosing Physiomobility, you’re opting for specialized care that prioritizes your unique needs. Book an appointment today to embark on a journey toward a healthier, more active lifestyle. Call 416-444-4800 or email us at reception@physiomobility.ca! Your well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.




Physiomobility continues to remain open and is not part of the lockdown. We continue to have rigorous disinfection policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our community and are open for patient in-person visits with all of our practitioners.

Virtual appointments are available and encouraged for those who are at a heightened risk of illness.

We remain focused on our quality of care & our continued commitment to helping our patients feel their best. For further assistance, you can contact us at 416-444-4800 during our opening hours. 

The Physiomobility Team