Back Pain Treatment Toronto

Back Pain Treatment

Back Care program by PhysiomobilityLower Back pain is a condition that 80% of the population will deal with at some point in their life. Physiomobility offers a Back Care program which is focused on preventing recurrent back pain for individuals of all ages and activity levels. It also helps expecting or new mothers to get rid of the pain and will assist in rehabilitation for patients to fully recover from injuries.

The Back Care program by Physiomobility is a combination of manual therapy, massage, and education complemented by a progressive exercise program. The focus of the exercise program is on increasing strength and control of core, postural and hip muscles. We also teach you how to improve muscle activation and coordination. In addition, we will include education on making ergonomic changes to work and living environment. The muscles between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor constitute your core. A strong lumbar spine and pelvis support your whole body. In fact, most movement involves the core, so it is an essential part of our orthopedic and physiotherapy treatments.

The Back Care program by Physiomoiblity is suitable for patients with mild to moderate mechanical lower back pain, pre-natal & post-partum population, and/or patients who have completed a course of physiotherapy and would require to continue an exercise program to prevent recurring or chronic lower back pain.

Lower Back pain; Prevention & rehabilitation for common back pain conditions

The Back Care program is a collaboration between our physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and exercise therapist. A variety of easy to challenging mat and weight-bearing exercises. Equipment such as suspension training (TRX), Busu ball, and balance beams are also used.

Our Pilates and yoga instructors may get involved when our client is ready to have an ongoing exercise routine in a small group session.

Author: Gita Mikal, Registered Physiotherapist

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