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Symptoms like being dizzy is experienced by many people often in open spaces. They usually complain that they start feeling dizzy in public places such as grocery stores and are often intrigued about the root cause of this issue. There are many different reasons why we feel dizzy but the most common include anxiety, blood […]

Running injuries are not just for professional athletes. Every runner including professional runners knows that their lifestyle has the capacity of causing injuries. Not only are runners at risk from falling and harming themselves, but the sheer amount of muscles that they are exercising on a daily basis increases the probability of injuries by a […]

Chronic pain is a prevalent issue in our society. Numerous studies have proven that over one hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pains. These studies have also ascertained that approximately twenty five million people in America experience chronic pain which substantially diminishes the quality of their lives. There are many different types of chronic pains […]